Companion Pet Clinic of Clackamas
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Price list

We are a full-service Veterinary Clinic for all your pet companion's health needs


                  Canine Price List                                                      Feline Price List                                             


Physical Exam 



Physical Exam

DHLPP Vaccination$13.85 FVRCP Vaccination $10.45
Bordatella Vaccination$15.45  FELV Vaccincation $15.45
Rabies Vaccination*$ 9.55  Rabies Vaccination* $ 9.55
Nail Trim (Minimal Restraint)$13.50 FeLV/FIV Testing $45.50
Express Anal Glands
 Nail Trim (Minimal Restraint) $13.50

 Appointments are required for surgery, and are available Monday through Friday.
Drop-ins and drop-offs for exams and other services are welcome any time!

Canine                                                                           Spay                                                         Neuter

 under 24 lbs



 25-39 lbs 



 40-59 lbs



 60-79 lbs



 80-99 lbs



 over 100 lbs



Feline                                                                             Spay                                                         Neuter
 Any weight



*There will be an additional charge if your DOG is in heat or pregnant. We strongly discourage spaying a DOG that is in heat.
                                                                                             **There will be an additional charge if your CAT is pregnant.

We are unable to quote other prices either on our website or by telephone since each we treat each patient as an unique individual,
and we need to perform a thorough examination before we can estimate costs.